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Anibal Vazquez


Considered one of the last of the great mambo dancers from the New York City Palladium era, Anibal Vazquez was a member of the legendary dance team " The Mambo Aces." His peers included the great dancers and bandleaders of Latin music. Anibal collapsed while dancing at New York City's Copacabana on June 29, 1999. He was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital where he died the following day at the age of 73.

At the Ortiz Funeral Home on 72nd Street, I ran into professional dancer Freddy Rios who said that Anibal had taught him a great deal about dancing.

One highlight for Anibal had been a 1989 performance with Kika Pinheiro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When he collapsed, Anibal was dancing to the music of his nephew, Roberto Roena.

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